They admitted Charlie because he keeps having these seizures. I was there for 8 hours today, and I’m probably still gonna go back one more time tonight before visiting hours are over.

All his stuff is still all over my floor and my car. He’s home but not really home :(

I’m in the ER with Charlie. He started having seizure-like spasms yesterday from a medication side effect… some kind of muscular condition called Tardive Dyskinesia. Seriously one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen…

We came here last night but we waited so long without anyone seeing him that he just wanted to go home and try to sleep it off but the spasms started again this morning. As soon as we sat down in the ER waiting room it started again so they took him right away.

He’s okay now but I’m still really worried because this condition is sometimes permanent apparently. Please try to send some love our way.

Today was so beautiful.

I went to a huge Rock & Gem show with my dad and got a bunch of cool new pieces for really good prices (he did too actually, he really enjoyed it). It reached 81 degrees today and I spent hours in the sunshine with my hoops.

and this time tomorrow I will be with Charlie again :)