Alright so I promised myself I wouldn’t be doing any big expensive fests this year but it looks like I’m going to try to do All Good because that lineup is INSANE! Furthur and Primus and Keller and STS9! Seriously just like 2 years ago when I had the time of my life. Must find a way to afford this.

Just bought my All Good ticket! :D

I’m listening to “Country Roads” by Pretty Lights and all I can picture in my head is back in July when we were going to All Good, right after we had entered West Virginia,¬†driving through the purple mountains as the sun was rising. Charlie was sleeping in the back seat¬†alongside me, Jamie was asleep in the front seat, and only me and Sara were the ones awake and I heard her say “Is anyone else awake? Can you SEE this?!” and I said “Yeah holy shit, it’s beautiful.” And it was. It was one of those moments where I wish I’d taken a picture of it but also glad I didn’t because pictures never do things proper justice and I’m happy that I have the memory in my head to look back on.

I miss All Good. I miss summer. I miss festivals. I miss laying naked in a tent with Charlie. I miss sitting at the top of a hill tripping my face off and watching everything come to life around and within me.

…this is just somethng I was thinking about and wanted to share I guess.